Real Simple Solutions – Fork   4 comments


Real Simple Solutions – New Uses for Old Things – A Fork

Original Purpose: Twirling Spaghetti.

AHA! Use: Reviving dents in carpeting made by heavy furniture.  Use the tines to gently fluff plush carpet fibers back to their original height.  Now, that’s a real fork lift.

Reward: A smooth rug. 





Hey, it worked for me! Check out Rocks in Dryer for more Works for Me Wednesday Tips!

4 responses to “Real Simple Solutions – Fork

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  1. Well would ya look at that. I bet it works so much better than my fingernail!

  2. my first comment was eaten…
    So excited for this idea, now I won’t have to use my fingernail to do the job…

  3. Ooh, just like a mini version of that carpet rake my parents used to use on the shag rug back in the 70s.

    Seriously, though, this is a great tip. I’ll have to remember it for the next time I move the furniture around.


  4. Ellen – I was doing the same thing getting rug burn on the ends of my fingers!

    Amy – Thanks for stopping by! I like that – Carpet Rake – will have to give the fork that name when I use it!

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