What Makes You Eat More Food   4 comments

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What Makes You Eat More Food

Click HERE to find out the seven ways our bodies tell us we’re hungry–even when we’re not

Posted June 8, 2007 by Lana G! in Blog, Cooking Tips, Eating, Food, News

4 responses to “What Makes You Eat More Food

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  1. I guess I should add an egg to my bran breakfast and maybe I won’t be starving at 10:00 am!

    Wasn’t that interesting about the restaurants dropping the temps too!

  2. Interesting article… I wish they would have also discussed the cues for being full… Maybe I should write a blog post about it. Just to contribute to the conversation, the basic idea is satiety is a neurological response and it takes time for the body to go through all the steps until the signal is released. On average, it can take up to thirty minutes for the brain to get the signal. I personally can’t remember a time I really took 30 minutes to eat a meal. That’s why dietitians recommend to prepare small portions, take small bites, chew thoroughly and drink a beverage (perferrably zero calorie water or tea). All these tricks will help slow down the eating process from “scarf mode” to chew and enjoy…

    Rebecca- you know what, I think there was an additional article that went with these pictures that had something to say about that! I will find it and pass it along to you. Thanks for stopping by. Your site is very informative and I plan on visiting often!

  3. Very cute idea! I always want to do so much for each occassion, that I end up doing nothing because it is overwelming. I think I will just start with a shelf lol

    Cheryl, too funny. That is how I started my decorating – just doing a shelf. Then my sister starting buying these cool table cloths form Good Will and I wanted to start using them. I was gone so much travelling that I could not entertain as much as I would like so I started setting the table anyway!

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