Show & Tell Friday – Birdhouses   20 comments

For Show & Tell Friday this week I would like to share my Birdhouse Collection with you. I’m a nut for birdhouses and these are some of the ones you will find in my house. There are more outside, but I’ll just stick with showing you these for now!


Have a birdy nice day and thank you for flying by!

You might like to see what I did with a tablecloth this week as well!

Take a walk over to There’s No Place Like Home to see more Show and Tell!

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20 responses to “Show & Tell Friday – Birdhouses

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  1. I love the collage. How tweet is that! I’ve got to learn to do that.
    May you have a high flying day! Maybe low flying, you flew high yesterday…

    Getting your learn on sister? I know you are? You will love it!

  2. They are all so beautiful!! What a neat thing to collect. I would love to see the ones outside. I love how you made you Show and Tell into a collage.

    Trella, the collage was created on Google Picasa. I love it!

  3. That is a GREAT collection! I especially love the little church house ones!

    RoseMary, I have been leaning towards the church ones more and more lately! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love those birdhouses they are adorable!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Linda, thanks and have a great weekend!

  5. Your comment on my blog brought tears to my eyes. Thanks so much for the compliment. Oh, and I adore your birdhouses.

    Kim, be blessed this weekend thinking about your Pawpa!

  6. Those are cool and I almost bought some like it this AM. wow small world.

    Karen, totally small world! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Oh, they’re gorgeous!! I used to collect birdhouses too. I think birdhouses are so sweet. (o:

    Mrs.B, they remind me of the words to the song “His Eye is on the Sparrow” and they remind that He is watching over me!

  8. Neat bird house collection. Thanks for sharing.

    Susan J – Have a fantastic weekend. I want to see if I can find any of the books you mentioned on your blog today!

  9. Okay, how long have you lived with us and I didn’t know you collected birdhouses. Go figure!!! They are so cool.

    That’s why that one in my room on the nightsand closest to the shkoff is sitting there now! 😉 You need to come up and see my collection!

  10. Oh wow!! You’ve really got some pretty birdhouses!!!
    Do you have a lot outside?
    Mrs. U

    Mrs U, I do have more outside and even more I didn’t take pictures of inside! Now, about Mr. U’s birthday cake! If you ever are okayed to share that recipe, I would like to put my name in to get a copy of it!

  11. Wow! I love all of your birdhouses, very sweet! The church ones are darling!

    Thanks Kelli! And thank you for hosting Show and Tell. I must say it is my favorite day of the week in Bloggy Land!

  12. Vera needs to come to Washington cuz she has not been there since Josh and Laura’s wedding. There’s a lot she’s missing…
    Exactly! I’d even let her stay at my house! (snort) 😉

  13. Wonderful collection of birdhouses! All good!

    Dawn, thanks for stopping by. I have to tell you that your site is a daily stop for me! Love your creations oh gifted one!

  14. I just love your collection of birdhouses..each one has its own character:-) I’ve just started collecting a few to put on top of my cupboards! I went to see what you did with the tablecloth…such a brilliant idea!! xox

    PEA, enjoy the wedding reception! Thanks for stopping by – I love the tablecloth/bedspread too!

  15. Those are lovely! What a nice thing to collect!

    Susanne, its fun to see the more ecclectic ones coming out. Have a great weekend and thanks again for sharing that video on your blog!

  16. I’m not sure if my comment worked or not…. ???? So I think I’ll try again.
    You have a precious bird house collection.
    And thank you for coming by my blog, for Kelli’s ‘Show And Tell Friday’ entry.

    Mari-Nanci, thanks for stopping by. Glad you participated in the Show and Tell. I love your blog site!

  17. What a lovely collection you have there! I too love birdhouses and yours are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

    Tiany, thanks for coming over and commenting. I loved your wonderful tribute to your husband today! Have a great father’s day weekend with your family!

  18. LOVE birdhouses! I only have one… A primitive looking one with grapevine. I had a real bird nest, but Rotten Ralph Stanley (my dds kitten) shredded it. GACK!
    The tablecloth/bedspread brightener was a stoke of genius!

    Hey Woman! (I love that I can say that) Thanks for coming by and commenting! – Watch out for Rotten Ralph Stanley 😉

  19. Great collection! I also took a peek at your tablecloth/bedspread. What a creative idea! Your holiday idea opens up so many possibilities. Hmmmm I may have to give that one some thought!

    Myrna, thanks for coming by and I know what you mean about opening so many possibilities! 😉

  20. What a lovely collection of birdhouses you have! ;o)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. *Ü*
    Hope you enjoy your weekend ~

    Christina, thanks! And you have a fabulous weekend as well!

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