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Top Ten Travel Tips   5 comments

Okay Elle, this is for you!  Your wish is my command! 

Here are my Top Ten Travel Tips – There are more than 10 🙂

  Photo of a quart-size baggie, with 3oz liquid bottles.

  1.  What I travel in: Comfortable clothing, socks (bring them for the airplane), slip on shoes and minimal accessories. Do not travel with every stitch of jewelry you own on your body.  Remember, you are trying to make your life easy at the airport.  Now is not the time to make a high fashion statement.  Be smart.   You will be taking your shoes off to go through security and lace ups are pain! I always have a light jacket or sweater. You just never know about the climate in an airplane. You will have to take your jacket or sweater off to go through security as well. Back to the socks – when you go to the bathroom on the plane, make sure you have your socks or your shoes on – NO BAREFEET!
  2. You are allowed two carry-on items per person.  The two places you get to store your two carry-on items are underneath the seat in front of you and in the overhead bin.  You are sharing bin space with your entire row of seats.  When I travel for pleasure I carry a tote bag that you can zip to close as my purse (this goes underneath the seat in front of me) and a SMALL roller bag (this goes in the overhead bin).
  3. What’s in my tote bag?  Travel documents (rental car confirmation, hotel confirmation, maps, etc.) Boarding Pass and Picture ID! (out and accessible) Wallet, iPod and earbuds, (If you don’t have an iPod and earbuds, I highly recommend travel ear plugs), Sudoku puzzle book, latest book I am reading, magazine, GUM and hard candy,  note pad, pencil and pen, cell phone, camera, Advil, tissues, travel Wetones, and a ZIPLOCK BAGGIE with my liquids and gels, (leave your cute cosmetic bag at home and put ALL your cosmetics in the baggy).  You will need to take your BAGGIE out of your purse and put in a bin to go through security. Make sure it is accessible.
  4. Second carry-on has my laptop, my jewelry, any other valuables I don’t want to check, one full outfit including underwear (just in case)! Laptop needs to be accessible.  It will have to go in a separate bin all by itself for security.
  6. What you should know about going through security.  READ THIS.  I would add, take off your belt as well.  I use two bins.  Bin 1 has my laptop, Bin 2 has my shoes, belt, ZIPLOCK BAGGIE and my jacket or sweater.  The tote bag is zipped shut and doesn’t need a bin.  You DO NOT want to go through extra screening. They give you one chance to correct whatever set the X-ray machine off. It is usually change, a paperclip or something silly like that left in your pocket! Men, you need to empty ALL your pockets, your bin should have your belt, wallet, shoes, cell phone, coins, and your watch if it is metal.
  7. Give yourself plenty of time and be flexible. Before you leave for the airport, check the status of your flight on line.  Most airlines have this right on their website. Delays can happen!  Just go with it!
  8. I don’t have kids, but I have travelled along side some pretty smart moms.  If you are bringing snacks for the kids, make sure they are dry snacks!  Get your water and juices once you have gone through security.  Bring activities for the kids.(these go in their carry-on bag not yours!)  They need to learn to travel smart as well.  Make the travel time special for them by not stressing out. Make it a learning experience. Show them the TSA website and tell them the rules. Let them know that they are going to go through security and what to expect.  They will pick up on your vibe!  Be excited! If this is their first time flying, ask the flight attendant when you get on the plane, if your kids can meet the pilot.  Pilots love it and kids get to see the cockpit! Totally cool! If this is your kids first time flying to wherever you are going, get a picture book about that state so they can check it out on the plane.
  9. Plugged Ears.  This is why I have gum and hard candy.  Helps with the ears being plugged. Take off is usually fine it is the descent that will be the issue.  For your babies, when the flight attendant announces that they are starting the initial descent, its bottle time or pacifier time.
  10. Have fun! Be prepared! Enjoy!

DOUBLE UPDATE! Any liquids you plan to pack in your checked bag should be in a ZIPLOCK BAGGY as well.  Gallon and Quart sized baggies are our FRIENDS! 😉 They also save you from leaky mishaps!



UPDATE! You know, this could also be considered a Works for Me, so I am adding it to the WFMW!

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WFMW – Silpat & Scones   7 comments


I love to bake! But, the one thing about baking that I do not like is greasing pans, cookie sheets, whatever.  Grease is definitely not the word.  That is why I love my silpat.  What is a silpat you might be asking?  Here’s a quote off their website:

Silpat® can turn any pan into a non-stick surface.
Place the silpat on sheet pan when working with sticky materials such as batter,
taffy, caramel, or anything your imagination allows.  It won’t stick, and it will save you a mess! 
Silpat® does not need to be greased, saving both time and money. 


Does it Work?  Well, let’s bake some scones and find out for ourselves shall we:


Works for me! The scones slid right off the silpat! Would you like a scone?

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