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Baseball Day – A True Story   6 comments


Baseball Day

Oh great! Of all days I decide to
wear a dress to school – Baseball day at recess.

I was the last to be chosen for the team.
It came down to the chubby kid and me.
The deciding factor – he had a mitt. My mitt
was the classy knit poncho I decided to
accessorize my groovy little outfit with that morning.

My team captain was the cutest boy in school
who had no time for girls – especially
one certain girl in a dress on his baseball team.
Well too bad! I’ll show him what I could
do in my high fashion baseball uniform.

Yeah, like I would get to display
my skills in deep right field.
This is elementary school, folks.
I was bored, yet beautiful,
just standing there in deep right field.

Everything was going fine.
My teammates were forgetting about
dress girl with a poncho for a mitt until
the best hitter on the other team came up to bat.

He was a switch hitter and had the nerve
to point his stupid bat straight at me!
My teammates showed me their support by
groaning in unison.

My team captain who was playing first base
just glared at me with disgust and shook his head.
Well! Over my dead fashion statement body was
I going to put up with any of them!

First Pitch;
I hunkered down getting my poncho ready for its special task.

Second Pitch;
Exhilaration caused my dress to shimmer.

Third Pitch;
A hit.
My teammates watched in horror as the ball soared my way.

Oh, but little did they know that looks don’t mean a thing
and this fashion diva had three brothers
who taught her how to play baseball.

I caught that ball with my poncho mitt and
threw it straight and hard to an
opened mouthed, wide-eyed, rather good-looking,
stunned first baseman.

Three outs! End of recess!
Thank you Tim, Steve and Leonard for
giving this diva her baseball skills!
I love you guys!

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Show & Tell Friday – Matroyshka Doll   21 comments

 For Show & Tell Friday this week I would like to share my favorite Matroyshka Doll (nesting doll) with you. 

I am first generation Russian.  My parents were born in Russia and escaped and fled to Persia finally making their way to America. My parents have always had a heart for their Russian family back in the Mother Land. My mom and dad decided to sell their home and become missionaries to Russia when they were in their seventies.  My sister Ellen did a fabulous post on their missionary experience.  If you would like to read it, click HERE

On each of their trips back to Russia, my mom and dad would bring us back goodies from Russia.  One year, they brought me back this beautiful Matroyshka doll for my birthday!  She is my favorite!


This is a 15 piece Matroyshka doll. The detail is amazing even on the littlest one. This picture shows how small the littlest one is:


I wrote a post on the history of the Matroyshka Doll.  If you would like to read it, click HERE 

Thanks for stopping by. If you want to see more show and tell items, take a walk on over to Kelli’s at

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