My 19th Wedding Anniversary!   12 comments

A tribute to my love, my best friend, my husband.  This is the man who knows me so well. 


I love you – oh how I love you.  We have gone through so much together.  We have endured the rough roads and dangerous curves.  We have loved, laughed, dreamed, and forgiven so much with more of all the above to come.  I can’t imagine life without you, my love. I will pray with you. I will be right beside you.  I will love you to the end. 


I will be your companion, your lover,  your low maintenance wife  ) Where you travel, I will travel – with pleasure! I thank our Father in heaven for you daily.  Grow old with me the best is yet to be.   With all my love… to be continued for many more years.


Happy Anniversary to us!

Posted July 9, 2007 by Lana G! in Anniversary, Events, Faith, Life, Love, Thoughts

12 responses to “My 19th Wedding Anniversary!

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  1. Happy Anniversary
    Happy anniversary
    Happy anniversary
    Haaappppy anniversary…

  2. Our anniversary is this week as well–the 13th! What a great tribute!

  3. Congratulations, Lana and hubby!

  4. Happy Anniversary! still can’t believe it’s 19 years!!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both! We just past our 25th! It is an awesome feeling….words cannot describe the feeling to have that special love….that one that knows us almost inside and out!
    Congratulations girl!

  6. My grammar is the pits today….it is “passed” instead of “past”…by the way…your photos are wonderful! A lot of happy times and places!!! You are blessed indeed!

  7. Happy, Happy Anniversary, Aunt Lana and Uncle Steve! Lana, thank you for your example of love for your husband and godly wife-li-ness…I love you!

  8. What a sweet post!! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!!


  9. What great pics! Happy Anniversary!

  10. Dear Lana:

    How I appreciate your blog site, especially today with your emphasis on daily living for Him. We also appreciate so much your comments about your 19th anniversary. We love you.

    Mom & Dad Jake

    George Giacumakis
  11. Sorry I’m late but I too wanted to wish you a happy 19th year together. Wow, it really has been that long. Miss and I were talking about how old they were when you got married. It has been great watching the two of you grow through it all. Love you both.

  12. Happy Anniversary!! I forgot that we shared the same wedding date. I will definitely take your advice and pray for my sweet husband! Love you.

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