Sunday Evening   6 comments

After dropping hubby off at the airport, I met my nieces Melissa and  Michelle and Michelle’s husband Ryan at Disneyland for dinner.  Oh, the joys of having an annual pass to Disneyland!  So after a wonderful day with hubby, here was our fun evening at Disneyland:


Dinner at Cafe Orleans – Highly recommend this place – especially for the Beignets!


More walking and talking and you know, we didn’t even go on any rides! We had a magical evening and now I need to go and rest my feet!

6 responses to “Sunday Evening

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    You must take Finn!!

  2. What a wonderful indulgence!

    We enjoyed it to the fullest!

  3. Katie and I are here this week and are ready for a repeat!!!

    Way too fun!

  4. My first touch of “wish I was there” maybe because of the graaate company you were with 🙂

    They are the best company! Love them 😉

  5. Sooo…just realized my comment in the Sunday in CA post was supposed to go here…makes way more sense. 🙂 See you tonight!

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