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I think food is one of the best displays of creativity!  Bonus: It tastes good too!




I also thought this was a fun and creative sculpture in front of a restaurant in Australia:




Posted July 27, 2007 by Lana G! in Challenge, Coffee, Cooking, Eating, Food, Fun, Photo, Photography

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  1. Yummy photos!

  2. The sculpture looks just like the handle on our utensil drawer! Love the napkin in the center.

  3. The fork is hilarious! Napkin folding…creative

    Happy Photo Hunting

  4. Yummy! Love how the napkin is folded too. Looks so formal. Great ideas and great looking meals. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  5. wow, beautiful!! Looks good enough to eat!!

  6. Amazing! Love it.

  7. I agree, food is a great way to express one’s creativity. Those dishes look absolutely tempting and delicious.

    Nice scuplture.

    Thanks for visiting earlier. Take care!

  8. Love your collage choices! So fun.

    Dawn says thanks for all your widget help today…

  9. I am a food lover too and I have to agree with what you posted. Food styling is very rewarding so it seems.

  10. All of that food looks yummy as well as being creative. 🙂 Cool sculpture too!

  11. All the food looks wonderfull *tongue lolls out

    like the fork too

  12. Agree! agree! 🙂 Oh that is fork is certainly unique! Lovely take on the theme! Now am hungry! 🙂

  13. All these pictures of food and a the giant fork remind me that I have French toast on the griddle and it needs to to turned. The food looks delicious!


  14. Oh great, now I’m hungry… thanks a lot. LOL. What a wonderful post. Yes, food is very creative and these are beautiful examples of it. Are you a chef to have taken all these photos of such fancy foods?

    Happy Hunting.

  15. Wow….Nice food display. That’s real creative. Mine also the same concept but different presentation. Happy Weekend!

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