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We’re Hungry, Lord   6 comments



We’re hungry for something, Lord.

We have so much rich food and cake and candy for ourselves, but we’re hungry.

People around us are so stiff and tight and hard to reach.

And they make us that way.

But we’re hungry for something more.

People we know keep talking about great ideas, brilliant questions, and the problem of God’s existence. 

But we’re hungry for You, not ideas or theories.

We want You to touch us, to reach inside us and turn us on.

There are so many people who will counsel us to death.

But we’re hungry for someone who really knows You and has You, someone who can get so close to us that we can see You there. 

We have so many things, but we’re hungry for You.

Deep, deep down inside we’re hungry, even if we appear to be silly, lazy, or unconcerned at times. 

We’re hungry for Your kind of power and love and joy.

Feed us, Lord, feed us with Your rich food.

(Author Unknown)

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