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For Show & Tell Friday this week, I would like to share some of the items in my linen closet.  There are some embroidered tea towels, tablecloths and hand towels.  I also have an appliqued tablecloth that has such beautiful detail, I almost don’t want to use it!  I love detail work and I am always looking for unique pieces to add to the collection.  Displaying them in different ways around the house is always a treat as well.  Some of the items are very special because my grandmother embroidered them for me.


 Head on over to  There is No Place Like Home for more Show & Tell Friday posts.  Happy Friday everyone.

Posted August 16, 2007 by Lana G! in Show & Tell Friday, Writing

20 responses to “Show & Tell Friday – Special Linens

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  1. I think we should say “snap” seeing as we both put our “show & tell” up and our comments on Kelli’s blog at the exact sme moment ((smiles)) And here we are around the world from each other.

    Your photos are stunning the linen is beautiful wht lovely pieces to share with us this day. I am so pleased I came to visit.


  2. Lana – we are soul mates!! I am so thrilled to see another linen collector showing her collection on her blog. These photos are lovely, but do you have pictures of each individual piece anywhere on the Net that I can visit! If you want to see my collection (well, some of it!) go to

  3. Wow….the intricate work involved is something to behold! Great post.

    Mine’s up and ready for show and tell.

  4. Beautiful Lana. I love the collage display, too. I’m off to Rose Hills…

  5. How absolutely gorgeous! I love embroidered linens, and how special that your grandmother made stitched some of them. That collage is magazine-worthy.

  6. Your grandmother did these??? WOW! I love it! I haven’t embroidered in years. I was just talking to my girls and asking them if they’d like to learn. What fun would that be? The 3 of us sitting down and having fun…

  7. What a beautiful collection. Nice and airy feeling.

  8. Those are exquisite! I especially like the tea pot one.

  9. Just beautiful. You have quite a collection.

  10. Lovely, lovely indeed!!

  11. Oh, such lovely treasures! The embroidery and lace are so soft and delicate…how wonderful that they were embroidered by your grandmother!

  12. Just beautiful. I do not have anything lovely like that. Such treasures.

  13. What beautiful linens! You must truly treasure the ones that your Grandma embroidered for you. They will be wonderful keepsakes and heirlooms someday..

  14. Those are so beautiful! I love the pot one!

  15. Very beautiful indeed. Isn’t it amazing how women through the ages have invented ways of making everyday items so lovely and special…a feast for the eyes.

  16. What treasures you have. I love how you posted the pictures like that.


  17. You have a beautiful collection of linen, made even more special because some were made by your grandmother. I can understand you would be worried about using them in case they got ruined, I would be too!! lol xo

  18. These are all just beautiful. I can’t pick a favorite! Thank you for sharing.

  19. These are all so beautiful!

  20. lovely embroidery…a lot of time and care has gone into those. Thanks for sharing.

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