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A Long Obedience in the Same Direction
Eugene Peterson


“Whenever we say no to one way of life that we have long been used to, there is pain. But when the way of life is in fact a way of death, a way of war, the quicker we leave it the better. There is a condition that sometimes develops in our bodies called adhesions – parts of our internal organs become attached to other parts. The condition has to be corrected by a surgical procedure – a decisive intervention. The procedure hurts, but the results are healthy. Renunciation – the piercing virtue.


(“I surrender I lie down and I give up!”)


Any hurt is worth it that puts us on the path of peace for the pursuit, in Christ, of eternal life. It is the action that follows the realization that history is not a blind alley, guilt not an abyss. It is the discovery that there is always a way that leads out of distress – a way that begins in repentance, or turning to God. It is Christian immigration. It sets us on the way to traveling in the light. It is rejection that is also acceptance, a leaving that develops into an arriving, a no to the world that is a yes to God.”

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