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A Quote from Discipleship Journal


“The soul enlightened by faith judges things in a very different way from those who, having only the standard of the senses by which to measure them, ignore the inestimable treasures they contain.

Faith is strengthened, increased, and enriched by those things that escape the senses; the less there is to see the more there is to believe.

For faith cannot be said to be real, living faith until it is tested and has triumphed over every effort for its destruction. War with the senses enables faith to obtain a more glorious victory.

He was disfigured with wounds and covered with mud and spittle. For us as well, the life of faith is nothing less than the continued pursuit of God through all that disguises Him, disfigures Him, seeks to destroy Him, and seems to annihilate Him. Faithful souls endure a constant succession of trials God hides beneath these veils of darkness that make His will difficult to recognize.

Nevertheless in spite of every obstacle, souls that see with the eyes of faith follow Him and love Him even to the death on the cross. They know that, leaving the darkness they must run after the light of this divine Sun. From His rising to His settling however dark and thick may be the clouds that obscure Him, this Sun nevertheless enlightens, warms and inflames the faithful hearts that bless, praise and meditate on Him during the whole circle of mysterious course.”

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