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For WFMW today, I thought I would share a little bathroom clutter buster idea with you.  If you have limited bathroom counter space and don’t like the look of having toothbrushes or other items all over the counter,



here is a little trick that could work for you if you have a metal medicine cabinet…



I had a magnetic pen and memo pad holder that I had no room on the refrigerator for, so I decided to use it to store my toothbrush and toothpaste on the inside of my medicine cabinet. No clutter definitely Works for Me!

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Posted September 18, 2007 by Lana G! in Solutions, Works For Me Wednesdays

22 responses to “WFMW – Bathroom Solution

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  1. Brilliant. Could I hire your cleaning lady?

  2. Love it!

  3. Ack! You’re brilliant!

  4. Cool! We have about the same amount of counter space. 🙂 That is definitely a space-saver.

  5. You are a genius!!

  6. That’s a fabulous idea!

  7. Excellent idea – I love it. I also have a small bathroom so always on the lookout for clutter-busting tips.

  8. Great tip…And I love the clock in the cabinet too! 🙂

  9. Brilliant, just brilliant- I also am not a big fan of the clutter!!!

  10. Cool! Will that hold the tube even when it’s brand new and really round?

  11. Fantastic tip, thanks! Very creative too!

  12. great idea! I may have to do something like this in the kids’ bathroom…I’m afraid to even walk in there…small bathroom tips always rate high in my book!

  13. What a great idea!

  14. Perfect! I might do that on my wooden door anyway–hot glue or something!

  15. I love that idea. Unfortunately I don’t have a metal medicine cabinet, but maybe I can think of something similar that would stick to the wood or could be screwed on. I need all the tips I can get for my small bathroom. Thanks

  16. Love this!! This is such a great idea- thanks for sharing.

  17. Clever!

  18. Neat idea, but I was more intrigued with the clock inside the cabinet!!

  19. Now how smart is that? And you know what else is smart? That clock inside the medicine cabinet!

  20. That’s brilliant. I don’t even have medicine cabinets right now and it’s KILLING me to have stuff on the counters. They are coming soon! Hubs might come home one day with the drywall ripped out. But, when I do get a medicine cabinet, I’m definitely going to remember this idea – good one!

  21. This is a great idea!

    You know, it would also work inside of a desk drawer at work for those that like to do a mid-day brushing.

    Thanks for sharing!

  22. And if your medicine cabinet is made from non-magnetic metal, try the suction-cup ones. I’ve been using those all over the place, but hadn’t thought to try the inside of the medicine cabinet. Thanks for the tip!

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