The Irvine Fire   13 comments

Southern California is known for Santa Ana winds in the fall. (See my sister Ellen’s blog for further details.) With the weather as dry as it has been and with the winds, brush fires are almost guaranteed.  The brush fire that is closest to me at this time is the Irvine (Santiago Canyon) fire.  Here’s what it looks like from my office in Newport Beach:


Please pray for the fire fighters and the people in the areas who have lost their homes or have the threat looming of losing their homes. They were saying on the news last night that there were at least a dozen wildfires burning throughout Southern California. 

Posted October 22, 2007 by Lana G! in News, Photo, Prayer

13 responses to “The Irvine Fire

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  1. Yikes. Keep inside all you can! I’m thinking about investing in face masks for the future…

  2. stunning photos…sending my prayers…

  3. I’m praying.

  4. Wow — you be careful. I’m praying, too.

  5. So yeah, the Harris fire is heading my way.

  6. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. My husband is a pilot and flew into San Diego last night, he told me he’s never seen anything like this ever before.

  7. Our prayers are with all, in and around the area. I have family out there and hope they are okay (I don’t have a way to contact them other than my dad and he’s out of pocket at the moment).

    Much Love

  8. the clouds look way cool

  9. Wow…. truely stunning pictures. Its very scary out there.

    Gino Green Global
  10. The photo on my blog today was shot in front of my house Monday morning as I was headed out to create paintings some of the fire scenes. I’m a plein air painter (outdoors, on location) and I did three paintings of the fires. The smoke was overwhelming and I used a face mask to breathe. Ashes from the fires became embedded in my paintings, and I decided to leave it that way. It creates a sense of history about this moment. Have a look.

  11. We’ve been watching it on the news. So scary!

  12. If it wasn’t for the 4 Austin air purifiers that I use in my home, I would have been forced to drive out of the area. I have a disability that causes me to be EXTREMELY sensitive to chemicalsl/ smoke/ fragrances… and I have been locked in my bedroom since Sunday night. I am praying for everyone who is breathing the smoke. It is OVERWHELMING!!!

  13. My friends were wondering why I had not left Oceanside. I should show them those pics, maybe they can get the point. *lol*

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