The “Teen” Commandments   7 comments



Posted October 27, 2007 by Lana G! in Challenge, Encouragement, God, Life, Thoughts

7 responses to “The “Teen” Commandments

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  1. Ok, where did you find this?

  2. i love these. all so true.
    it’s my experience with teens that they don’t want any rules to live by. somehow you have to get them to believe that it will make their life easier and help them through hard times. these are two areas that they can relate to. just having these hanging on a frig, or the bathroom, or somewhere where they can see it on a regular basis might help some of these commandments to sink in.

  3. wOw..dIs s sOh coOl..:) welL this s gUD kip uP d gUdwork..

  4. oh this is great!!,,by the way can you give me the definitions of each commandment????pls,,,

  5. i really, really like this!!!
    i can copy for my projec!!!

  6. love it!!! this is nice to keep in mind………..always!!!

  7. yah.. so true … the one who made this really know how we behave …
    its good to know and to live with it as well …
    so , fellow teens .. behave .. lovelotsss …

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