WFMW-When Carpet Disaster Strikes   13 comments


Oh yes! The unthinkable happened.  My dinner plate dropped and left that lovely splatter on my carpet in box one. 

Step one – I did not panic! Instead, I thought to myself, this is going to make a great blog post!  I then grabbed my camera and started documenting my cleaning experiment. 

Box two is step two in my cleaning experiment – scooping up the food off the carpet.

Box three are the cleaning supplies I used.  I started with a watered down solution of Mrs. Meyers Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner and a rag and scrubbed the carpet as best I could.  Then, I took the hydrogen peroxide poured full strength on the wet rag and dabbed the remaining stains from my carpet.  Next I took a clean towel and stepped on it over the wet area to absorb the liquid.

Box four is the result!  Gone are the stains and boy does that work for me!

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13 responses to “WFMW-When Carpet Disaster Strikes

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  1. I’ve heard that Mrs. Meyers is great stuff. I’ve got to give that a try!

  2. You are a genius! Beautiful save…

  3. Wow. I’m impressed!

  4. You need a rainbow…

  5. Your first thought was “this is going to make a great blog post”?
    LOL… you are as bad as I am. lol

    You did a great job. 🙂


  6. wow, I’m very impressed!

  7. Wow, that worked great!

  8. Good thinking – blogging gives us very unique perspectives!!

    I’m thinking that Mrs Meyers is available only in the US of A.

  9. Okay, here is a chronicle of my thoughts, in the order of the boxes:

    Box 1: Ack!

    Box 2: Wow, that looks like a delicious dinner.

    Box 3: Hm … what’s that stuff?

    Box 4: Wow!

    Thanks for the great tip! Can you post the recipe for your dinner now?

  10. I gasped out loud when I saw the first photo! That stuff works! Thanks for the tip!

  11. Have digital camera, will blog! I love it!

    And thanks for the practical tip; hopefully I’ll remember it next time we have a carpet disaster!

  12. As I said on Thanksgiving, you’re welcome at my house any time to solve any of my cleaning problems! You’re just amazing!

  13. you could do an ad for that product! your carpet looks amazing!!

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