Christmas Tour of Homes   48 comments

Christmas Tour of Homes

Boo Mama is hosting the Christmas Tour of Homes today.   Welcome and come on in!


Santa is outside ready to greet you.

Don’t worry, it’s really warm inside!


The Decorations are out.



And of course the table is set!


I’ve prepared some goodies as well!


The Guest Bedroom is also ready for you! (By the way that’s a table cloth and the pillow cover is kitchen towel!) 😉


Stay as long as you’d like


Although, there are other homes to visit, so make your way to Boo Mama’s and check out the other Christmas Homes!

Posted December 16, 2007 by Lana G! in Blog, Christmas, Decorating, Entertainment, Holiday, Photo

48 responses to “Christmas Tour of Homes

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  1. Absolutely beautiful…so many lovely decorations and personal touches!

    Merry Christmas,


  2. I’m stunned. That was lovely. Your table was so elegant, and that last picture? Priceless. Really. Merry Christmas!

  3. Beautiful as always. I’ll be over to sample some cookies!

  4. A poinsettia bedspread?!!! Wow….what luxury!
    Love how you set up the show for us. Great tour.

    Mine’s posted. I have two versions.

    A thumbnail short version
    slide show long version.

  5. Beautiful…I love the guest bed and the snow!!!

  6. How lovely! Everything is so warm and cozy. Thank you for sharing-Merry Christmas!

  7. Wow! I think you have put Martha Stewart to shame!!! And all that snow!! Just gorgeous!

  8. Oh, swoonworthy! I love your china, and the flowers…and the santas…and the nativities…

    So okay, I loved it all! TFS!

  9. Lovely, lovely. You are so talented at setting absolutely beautiful tables. And aren’t you clever using a table cloth to give the bedroom a Christmas feel. And I love, love that last picture. That absolutely makes me want to crawl through the screen to get to that chair!

  10. Beautiful home…thanks for welcoming us!

  11. There’s just something about a snowy day that puts the Christmas spirit in a person’s heart. Thanks for letting us visit your beautiful home.

  12. Stunning photographs! I love it.

    Merry Christmas!

  13. How cozy is that fire! And your photos are beautiful. I bet it’s hard to leave home!

  14. Oh, it is so pretty and looks so inviting! The snow is my favorite decoration of all! Thank you for sharing!
    Merry Christmas,

  15. Everything looks so cozy and festive. I love the outside pic of your house covered in snow! Wish we could have a white Christmas.

  16. How lovely of you to arrange for snow for out visit. The last photo is so inviting, wish I was there.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours from Northern Ireland.

  17. The table is stunning!

  18. Your home looks so pretty in the snow. Thanks for lighting a fire in the fireplace. It is a no burn day here today. Your photographs are beautiful as always.

  19. beautiful photography! i love the Santa by the plane and the Santa outside! Merry Christmas! Kelly

  20. you have gorgeous photography!

  21. I want to come to your house!!

  22. Loved the dining room table. Your house is beautiful

  23. Merry Christmas! You have a nice array of decorations. I so need to bake cookies now! Thanks for letting us tour.

  24. Such a lovely warm and inviting home.

  25. This is beautiful.. Thank you for inviting us, I enjoyed your tour.
    Merry Christmas

  26. Just beautiful…and the goodies look great. Happy Holidays!

  27. Everything is so pretty. I love all the different Santas!

  28. your home is BEAUTIFUL! i love it all!

  29. I thoroughly enjoyed touring your home, it is gorgeous!

    I like the way you have your Nativity displayed!

    Yellow Rose Arbor

  30. Love the way you did your pictures on here. Everything looks so inviting. mMrry Christmas!

  31. Lovely, peaceful, warm and inviting. You might never get me to leave!!

  32. Gorgeous decorations! All the treats look so yummy! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas to you & yours!

    Jennifer 🙂

  33. Wow – just send me directions – I am on my way – It looks so beautiful and inviting – you have some very lucky guests!

  34. Lovely home and lovely pictures!
    Merry Christmas

  35. I’m jealous of all your snow! And what a neat idea to use a Christmas table cloth on the bed.

    Merry Christmas!

  36. The light shining down on your angel in your nativity is just so sweet! The pictures of your table are just so lovely and the food looks mmmmmmm good! What a wonderful treat to see your tour. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home with all of us! Blessings to you and your family!

  37. So inviting!!!! Thanks for sharing

  38. Yay! Another person set the table! 🙂 My mother actually has some china very similar to yours – so pretty! Thanks for sharing your home with us – I love all the up-close pictures. Plus: snow! I can’t even imagine.

  39. Your snow looks so light and fluffy. Your table is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for inviting me into your home.

  40. okay I LOVE your home! Can I move in? hehe. what a fantastic job you’ve done displaying it! you’ve given me a few ideas now!!!

  41. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Your pictures are LOVELY!
    Thanks for sharing.

  42. What a beautiful home! Thanks for inviting us over. I like your photo format, too–it’s a neat way to see a lot of the detailed decorations. I’m jealous of the big snow…we rarely have a white Christmas (AR).

  43. How ingenius! I love the guest room along with everything else. Thank you for sharing! Merry Christmas!

  44. I love the pictures of your nativity – thanks for sharing!

  45. what a gorgeous photo collage—-never have seen that done before and what was in it is just beautiful! and your Snow…AND your Santa’s. vicariously lived through this beautiful blog. and i even went to the store looking for a tablecloth to use on my girls’ beds for christmas—brilliant idea….loved visiting here!

  46. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  47. I’m just now able to visit around the blog tour. Everything looks so lovely! I’ve mentioned before — your photography and collages are just gorgeous — professional-looking, even. I especially love the one of the table setting and the Christmas goodies. And I love the idea of using a tablecloth for a bedspread!

    Thanks for visiting my home tour!

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