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Happy New Year!   6 comments


As Steve and I look back on 2007, we have a new appreciation for the faithfulness of our Lord.  It has had its ups and downs, but He has seen us through.  We would like to wish all of you a new year filled with a renewed sense of his faithfulness, love and grace. 

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:23

The post below highlights some of our favorite “stops” of 2007.

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Favorite Travels of 2007   7 comments


Some of our memorable travels of 2007

Puerto Vallarta, London, Italy, Dallas, The Puget Sound, Boston, Seattle, Huntington Beach.

For me there is no greater joy than traveling with my life long companion!  I love you ~ let’s go somewhere!

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WFMW-Lemon Juice – Hold the Seeds!   7 comments

Many times a recipe will call for the juice of one lemon.  Well, I really don’t want to take out my juicer and get it all dirty for the juice of one lemon but then I really don’t want to fish for lemon seeds in my freshly squeezed juice either!  I have found a wonderful solution:


These little guys are like shower caps for your lemons! You can squeeze the juice from your lemons and the seeds stay in the net! 



I purchased my Lemon Stretch Wraps at Sur La Table and they TOTALLY WORK FOR ME!

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