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The Squirrel   2 comments


The joys of zooming in on your subject! This little guy is usually hurrying around the neighborhood collecting items to eat.  Today was a rare occassion.  He decided he was just going to hang out on this branch for a while.  He must have been there for a good half hour. Cute little bugger isn’t he?!

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Grace, Mercy & Peace   1 comment


Grace, Mercy & Peace
Christine Dente

Grace, mercy and peace
I wish for you these three
That you may know, they can be yours
From God, our father and Jesus our Lord

Grace, mercy and peace
What more could we ever need
Oh, but to know this gift of life
Found only in Jesus Christ

Grace, mercy and peace
Are yours if you believe
I pray today you’ll know his love
And feel more joy than you can show
But more than these, I pray you’ll taste
His grace, mercy and peace

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