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Look What’s Coming!   1 comment


The next one is scheduled for the week of January 28 – February 1.


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At the Avenue   3 comments


Just wondering.  Do you have as much fun as I do when you go to the hair salon?

When I go to The Avenue, – my friend Christi’s salon she runs from a sun room on the side of their home they converted into a salon – I have responsibilities that I must attend to.  I help Anna (Christi’s daughter) when she gets home with her homework.  This usually involves coming up with some creative sentences while Christi is either cutting or weaving my hair. 

Then of course there’s snuggle time with Roxy, Christi’s Jack Russell who loves when I show up because I am one of the only customers at Christi’s that Roxy is allowed to visit with. She is usually not allowed in the Salon during business hours.  But hey it’s Aunt Lana and Aunt Lana has a comfy lap and she has to sit under that hair dryer and oh is that oh so warm!  She loves Aunt Lana and I love her!

Anna loves to entertain us and also help mommy with cleaning up as you can see in the third photo.  It truly is a girly time when I show up at The Avenue and I Love, Love, Love it!

The first picture shows a portion of Roxy in her usual position on my lap.  The second picture is her waiting for me while I am getting my hair washed.  The last picture is Roxy sticking her tongue out at the camera for waking her up so you could see how cute she is!

So, do you have as much fun as I do at your salon? It’s great having your friend as a hairdresser!  Love you tons Christi!

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