Fun Monday – View from the Front Door   20 comments


This is the One Year Anniversary for Fun Monday and the theme today is the same as one year ago. I haven’t been blogging a year yet and haven’t participated in Fun Monday that much so this theme is new for me. Here’s my front door view from the state of Washington!


That is my favorite tree over there!


Pretty cool tree! The Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar


Come on in the coffee is freshly brewed!

For more views head on over to our hostess’s front door:  Vicki at Catching Light

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20 responses to “Fun Monday – View from the Front Door

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  1. I love your twisty trunk tree. I know there’s probably a good technical name for that tree out there somewhere! Still love the doormat!

  2. i love seeing green this time of year.

    and that coffee looks just the way i like it–plenty of cream.

  3. That is an amazing tree!! What is it!?

    Sorry about that – it is The Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar – updated my post with the info!

  4. Thanks for the coffee, and welcome to Fun Monday. Your view out the front door is lovely, and the door itself is rather nice.

  5. Cool, I like that tree too! Lovely photos. Your coffee photo is just beautiful!

  6. You have fancy coffee just outside your door? Amazing! Your view is great, it reminds me of a Japanese garden.

  7. The weeping blue atlas cedar. That tree seriously rocks! Welcome to Fun Monday and I’ll be by for that coffee in a while.

  8. My coffee pot doesn’t make coffee nearly that yummy looking.

    I’ve been snooping at your blog…I really like all your photos and how you display them in those great little cubes.

  9. That is a beautiful tree!! It is so ethereal!! Thanks for the cup of coffee, it looks delish!!

  10. Wow, that is a cool tree, and how nice you see it when you walk out your door. The coffee looks yummy and inviting too.

  11. Welcome to Fun Monday –

    Very nice tree! Whereabouts in Washington? I am just a bit further South in Oreogn.

  12. I love quirky trees. And that is the most beautiful coffee.

  13. Welcome to Fun Monday – What a stunning tree! I just love the color of it’s needles and it’s gnarly and twisted trunk, that is so unusual, and beautiful at the same time.

    Thanks for the cup of coffee, and have a Fun Monday!

  14. I always wanted to know the name of those trees!

    I could use a cup of coffee like that right now.

    Great fun Monday post and great view.

  15. What a cool tree!!!

  16. You have a very nice view out of your front door ! and I love the pictures you have in your next post, they are gorgious !

  17. A really nice tree— black with one for my coffee thanks.

  18. I love weeping trees of any sort, and yours is beautiful. I’m not a coffee drinker at all, but that is one gorgeous cuppa.

  19. I couldn’t see you photos yesterday for some reason. Anyway no problem today; your tree is amazing and gives you an attractive view. I’ll be over for coffee if you serve it like that! I can smell the aroma!

  20. I love your weeping blue atlas cedar! And you have a nice view and the coffee looks yummy! I’ll pop right over for a visit. 🙂

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