Wildflowers in Winter – Week 2   9 comments

The theme for this week! 

January 23 – 29. Wildflowers in Winter, a winter image of a flower in your area.

Since I flew down to Southern California yesterday, I decided to find a winter flower to take a picture of while I was down south.  I went for a walk in the afternoon for a break from my work day and this is what I found:

A popular winter flower in So Cal!  Even the bees think so!

Head on over to Wildflower Morning for more anticipation of spring!

Posted January 23, 2008 by Lana G! in Flowers, Photo, Photography, Wildflowers in Winter, Winter

9 responses to “Wildflowers in Winter – Week 2

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  1. Oh my goodness! Look at what you found. Beautiful…

  2. Beautiful orange! I could be wrong but that looks like the California Poppy, our state flower, and a beautiful wildflower without question!

  3. How fun that you got to go to Southern California and even got to see a live blooming wildflower! And such a beautiful on, complete with a happy honey bee.

  4. Beautiful, you do live in two very different climates.

  5. O sweet! The bee thinks so too. Warms me right up to look at it.


  6. How beautiful! I’d like to drink in that color, just as that industrious little bee is doing!

  7. Beautiful photos, especially the one with the bee enjoying your wildflower.


  8. Gorgeous color…and the bee really adds interest. Lovely!

  9. Your orange flower is bright and welcoming to those of us living in a colder climate. Including one with a bee is a nice touch.

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