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Tuesday In Other Words   12 comments


This week, Heather is hosting “In ‘Other’ Words” at her site, Titus 2 Woman. She has chosen a quote by Jeremiah Olson:

“Momma prayed, momma cried, momma laid awake at night.
She would fight my battles while I slept away
Cause momma knew life is hard
without somebody on your side
I don’t know how, but there is power in the way,
The way my momma prayed.”

Words and music by Jeremiah Olson of 40milesNorth

The words of this song remind me of the story of Samuel and Hannah in the Old Testament.  Hannah is Samuel’s mother and through the faithful, fervent prayers of Hannah, the Lord answers her prayer and her closed womb is opened and she bears a son – Samuel.  Hannah made a vow to God that if He would provide a son, she would give him to the Lord’s service and she did just that.

Hannah continued to pray for the boy and saw him once a year when they would come to offer the yearly sacrifice. Could you imagine!  You know this woman prayed for her boy every minute of the day and her prayers were answered.

1 Samuel 3:19 Thus Samuel grew and the Lord was with him and let none of his words fail.

Wow, what a testimony of sacrifice, dedication and faithfulness. I see that in my own parents as well.  There were so many times that I would walk by their bedroom and there they were on their knees praying.  They prayed for each and everyone of us kids and we knew it. 

Now, that is not to say that we were all angelic little prophets – far from it!  We were brats! But, today all eight of us kids can say that it was through the faithful prayers of our parents that we all know Jesus. 

My parents were not ashamed to pray with their bedroom door open so that we could see them.  They were bold in their prayers and they wanted to instill in each of us the importance of prayer.  We are a pretty close knit family and that is one of the things I so appreciate – we pray for each other. Here’s a picture of my mom and dad:


So, pray for your kids. Let them see you praying for them and pray with them. 

For more In Other Words, head on over to Titus 2 Woman.

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A Walk in the Park   4 comments

What a wonderful day I had today.  It all started when I looked out my window and saw that the Pacific Northwest was going to have a glorious sun shining day!  I geared up and headed out for my visit back to the Juanita Bay Park to explore more of this wonderful wildlife refuge.  Here is my first collage.  I even threw in a picture of me all ready for the chilly weather:


What I learned, is that there are some serious bird watchers with some serious sized cameras, tripods and binoculars out there!  WOW!  And, here I came with my camera measuring 2¾” x 2¾” square fitting in the palm of my hand along with my gorilla pod! 

“Umm, hi ya’all! Great day for photos!”  🙂

They had backpacks and gear strapped to them like they were ready to have a photo shoot with the President. I was amazed. But, these “professionals” were not going to deter my hunt for my own amazing photos.  I got me some pictures of some birds and ducks and such! 

The first set is of a Red-Winged Blackbird who was posing quite nicely for one of those “professionals”.  I inched my way as close as I could to get my own photos of the pretty boy without disturbing or scaring off Mr. Blackbird…


I then was off to see what else I could find.  Once you are in exploration mode, your senses are all at attention.  You listen, see and smell all the wonders.  You become a Sherlock Holmes of the Wilderness.  My next discovery was an American Robin.  She was perched up in a tree and I was able to get pretty close to her.


The last collage I would like to share with you is of the ducks I saw today.  These love birds were so much fun to watch.  I almost felt like I was invading their privacy…


Thanks for letting me share my day! 

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Just Ducky! – A Sunday Walk   2 comments

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I had to run some errands on Sunday afternoon and decided to stop and take a walk along the Juanita Bay.  What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon! I have passed this area too many times during the 7 years we have lived here and not once have I been down this path!  Ahh, but then I started blogging.  And now, I stop everywhere I can.  I hardly ever leave the house now without my camera.  I even have a car charger for it! Here are some pictures from my walk yesterday…


As you can see, we are having some beautiful weather and this morning is another gorgeous one!  I looked up the information on the internet for Juanita Bay Park and realized I did not even scratch the surface of this park yesterday! I have the day off today, so off I go to explore the park and take some more pictures!  

Romans 1:20For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

Be back later to share my day with you!


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