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Elevators and Waves   6 comments

Our room at the hotel we are staying at is on the 34th floor.  The view from this floor is pretty cool.  This morning the hotel was serving complimentary continental breakfast and coffee on the 2nd floor so we decided to head on down before starting the day’s adventures.We got into the elevator along with 4 other guests who were also headed down for the continental breakfast along with a hotel employee.  So, there were 7 of us in the elevator.  Did I mention we were on the 34th floor? 

The elevator starts going down and around the 27th floor there is a bit of a JERKING movement and the elevator comes to a STOP. On the 27th floor.  IT STOPPED.  We were stuck in the elevator on the 27TH FLOOR.


If you happen to get stuck on an elevator in a hotel, try to have a hotel employee on the elevator with you. He had connections! Needless to say, a half hour later we were freed from the Tower of Terror elevator!  We were given breakfast vouchers for the restaurant and had a full breakfast rather than continental breakfast.  SCORE!

We were finally off to find us some waves.  Here are some pictures from our wave hunt…


One of my favorite shots…


We finally found the big waves and the spectacular color! Aloha!

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