Dondero’s – Kaua’i Dining   4 comments

We went to a very nice restaurant last evening – Dondero’s at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa.  This restaurant is located on the lush and beautiful grounds of the Grand Hyatt.  Indoor and Outdoor seating is available.  I highly recommend outdoor seating.  The views of the ocean and hotel gardens are breathtaking.


Our experience began with a chat with the chef who was coming back from picking some fresh herbs…


He gave us a run down on the menu in full detail!  Oh My!


The food superb, the service was excellent and we definitely want to come back.



Posted March 1, 2008 by Lana G! in Dining, Food, Hawaii, Photography, Restaurant, Travel

4 responses to “Dondero’s – Kaua’i Dining

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  1. Sheesh! Now that’s what I’m talking about. So lovely. I suppose you are on a plane by now…

  2. Oy. Dondero’s isn’t wonderful IMHO, sorry. Excellent food, virtually without exception is only found in Honolulu. The rest is wanna-be, loveless, formula cooking. That pretty much describes Dondero’s, as it does Beach House, Merriman’s, Roy’s and so many other outer island Hawaii restaurants.

  3. Thanks again for taking us along with you on your trip. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the pictures and commentary. Welcome home.

  4. It’s funny but I just saw a TV show about this place! It looks incredible.

    Your flower collage is stunning!

    Glad you had a wonderful time.

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