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Nani! Nani! E Hoÿonani! (Praise Him! O Praise Him!)   3 comments


Nani! Nani! E Hoÿonani! (Praise Him! O Praise Him!) 
Hawaiian Hymn
Composed by Lorenzo Lyons

Praise him joyfully and with thanksgiving,
Listen Jesus to my prayer (my request),
Release me of my troubles,
Calm my sorrows.

Together we lift our voices in praise,
(By you) is the sacred forest lush and green,
(By you) are the uplands blanketed with flowers of tranquillity,
(By you) is light set upon the mountain tops
as darkness flees and day approaches,
So too do you bring happiness from despair.

Oh evil spirits
Here stands the Messiah, the Savior, the Faith
Standing, bringing beauty and song to all things
The day is at peace and all things rejoice.

Praise him! praise him! Oh praise him!
His love, let it be refrained,
He is our Ruler! By him do we all claim victory!

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