Spring Training Highlights   2 comments

Today we went to the Mariners/Rockies game at the Peoria Sports Complex in Peoria, Arizona.  What a perfect sunny day for a baseball game!  It was 82 degrees and breezy so it was really comfortable sitting out in the sun.  Hubby picked really good seats!


When you go to a Spring Training game, you want to get there early and this is why…


You get to see the players up close as they arrive on the field and you might even get an autograph or two!


The Mariners always draw a great crowd.  Today there were 11,454 people at the game.


Ichiro hit a home run and best of all the Mariners beat the Rockies 9 to 4!!


Tomorrow we’re going to the Angels vs the Diamondbacks game.  That should be a fun game too!

Good Night for Now!

Posted March 14, 2008 by Lana G! in Baseball, Fun, Sports, Spring Training, Travel

2 responses to “Spring Training Highlights

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  1. Good Morning! (Hey, I’m site of the day at photo hunters ~ whoohoo!) see you in seattle…

  2. That would be a dream come true for my husband! 82 degrees – I wouldn’t mind a day of that but I’d rather be at the beach!!

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