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Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Thon   14 comments

March 23 – March 29

Share tea from the perspective of literature. Post a tea quote, a verse or poem, or story. Tell about a favorite tea book. This would be a good time to share how you use tea to encourage others. Do you minister to others by sending them tea themed cards to friends and shut-ins? Or another way you use ‘tea’ to share joy with others? I know some of you do — so tell your story!

March 16 – March 22

Share a picture of your favorite teacup and saucer; describe it and tell it’s history (or make up a story about it’s past). Why is it meaningful to you? This would be a good place to share about the details of your teacup collection if you have one.

Since I am a little behind on this blog-a-thon, this will be two posts in one to catch up! 


I have a very eclectic teacup collection.  This is one of my favorite “single” teacups.  I found it at Goodwill and just love the flowers on it. It is bone china from England and it was screaming “buy me!”.  So I did.

The Litera-Tea that I would like to share is my Tea at Glenbrooke – A Quiet Place Where Souls are Refreshed by Robin Jones Gunn.  I enjoyed her Glenbrooke novel series and this was such a nice end to the series.  It is filled with quotes, stories, recipes and tea trivia. A lovely read indeed!

Tea is very relaxing for me.  I make sure I have plenty of different flavors and blends at work and at home.  My husband even enjoys green tea at work in the late afternoon rather than coffee.  I do enjoy my morning cup of coffee, but after that, I could have tea the rest of the day.  I don’t drink tea out of that lovely teacup and saucer above though.  This is what I drink my tea in at home…


That is my bone china mug made in England.  I bought that lovely item at Butchart Gardens.  Now that’s a cup of tea!

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