Sky Watch Friday   65 comments

 UFO Clouds?

For more Sky Watch Friday, head on over to Tom’s!

Sky Watch


Posted May 29, 2008 by Lana G! in Clouds, Photo, Photography, Sky Watch Friday!, Travel

65 responses to “Sky Watch Friday

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  1. This is an incredibly beautiful shot.

  2. Indeed … and where are they coming from? Mars? Jupiter?
    But seeming so beautiful I guess there is no need to call the army …

  3. Nice shot. I have actually seen clouds like this in Ohio. I thought at first, from a distance that they might be UFOs.

  4. Just this wonderful photo, congratulations

  5. wow that really is a great skf 🙂

  6. Beautiful photograph of lenticular clouds.

    My sky is heating up.
    Come visit,

  7. LOL… Well caught…. this picture as gone right off the radar..

    Well done for spotting ‘WE’ I left you a replie.

  8. Definitely “other-worldly” and beautiful.

  9. This is out of this world! Breathtaking.

  10. Amazing picture.

  11. That is a fabulous capture!

  12. How lovely!!

  13. magnificent sky at this very beautiful picture

  14. that’s one fantastic image, excellent.

  15. Wow, that’s awesome. Those clouds are amazing!

  16. Amazing!!! Leaves me speechless!

    Good job seeing the WE in Tom’s. I saw your comment and had to go back and look.

  17. Amazing shot! Well done.

  18. Startlingly beautiful, Lana. I’m so impressed with the view (sort of reminds me of the opening scenes to Two Towers).

  19. Wow!, double wow! and triple wow! This is just absolutely beautiful.

  20. Gorgeous shot!! Could be UFO’s!

  21. Very cool indeed. The cloud pouring over the top of Rainier is amazing too. See you in Seattle :0)

  22. Beautiful, I love mountain shots.

    Pop and see my Water features

  23. 1. to post this weeks Sky Watch…, and this is the most spectaculary picture i have ever seen.

    Nice weekend to you, from Anne in the middle of Norway.

  24. Just came down day before yesterday. Nice shot. It hasn’t changed much in two days.

  25. An UFO may be, but look at the landscape! It`s amazing!
    Excellent shot! 🙂

  26. Lana: Wow, this leaves me speachless. Let me catch my breath. No wonder your number 1 on the list.

  27. wow! great shot! this is to understand that the sky is everywhere blue, we need not go round the world… mine’s up too hope you can drop by.

  28. Truly awesome clouds. Glad you’re #1 on the list. What a great start to SWF.

  29. Spectacular! Magical.

  30. Could be, but they are beautiful!

  31. Oh. I like that. The clouds are very cool.

  32. A great start to this week’s SWF! This is a beautiful and awe-inspiring photo!

  33. What an amazing shot!

  34. This is an amazing shot! Beautiful!

  35. Nice subject. Beautiful taken.

  36. surely it do looked like that UPO’s nice.. capture….. thanks for sharing

  37. Amazing. Just a beauty

  38. Gorgeous!!! But where is it? :o)

  39. wow

    Nina at Nature Remains

  40. Wow this is amazing.

  41. Wow Very Amazing photo.

  42. I have to say WOW too!! Incredible…

  43. The name of this type of cloud is right of the tip of my tongue, but for life of me i can’t Remember. Beautiful! Absolutely Beautiful!!

  44. Stunning shot! I am speechless. Thanks for sharing.

  45. This is really lovely. Nice job!

  46. Unreal! The sky is ever new and full of surprises.

  47. It’s magnificent!

  48. Who knows ?
    Fine picture and comment.

  49. Aptly named! Those clouds do look like space saucers!

    Happy Sky Watch Friday!

  50. Amazing shot! Happy Friday…
    Scrapbooking and Photography

  51. Pretty wild….does look like UFO’s….

  52. Mt.Fuji in Japan has sometimes this kind of cloud, called “umbrella cloud”.

  53. it’s an magnificent shot!!

  54. LOL! I was thinking SNOW! Frozen clouds? Cloud popsicles? Whatever! It’s a gorgeous GORGEOUS shot!

  55. Wow! Very nice shot!!!

  56. almost weird

  57. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!

  58. Is that a UFO hovering there! Wow! What a shot.

  59. An amazing shot. Sure looks like space ships!

  60. Those clouds are trippy, but that mountain is amazing.

  61. Who would have thought? UFO

  62. Awesome shot. Certainly UFO like.

  63. Beautiful shot! Is that a volcano?

  64. Excellent mountain and good lenticularis catch.

  65. lovely 🙂

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