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T is for…

I found these little cuties at the Juanita Bay Park in Kirkland, WA. They were so eager to spend some time in the warm sunshine, that they were clamouring for any available spot on the floating logs.

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20 responses to “ABC Wednesday – T

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  1. I love these turtles. Fabulous photos and collage…

  2. Clever collage of turtles!

    Bodge’s Bulletin.

  3. So many at the stock!! Hope they get on well together. Fine post and photos.

  4. So cute! I always wanted a turtle..but it it is not allow to have them as pets here in Norway:(

    Petunia’s ABC

  5. Great turtle shots

    My T post in here Thanks

  6. Omigosh! I’ve never seen so many little turtles in one spot before! Great photos and glad to hear you all had a wonderful tea together. 😀

  7. oh wow turtles – saw some in an aquarium once – prefer them in their natural habitat

    My T posts won’t go live till 6am BST.

  8. Great photos of the turtles. Well presented.
    Good job.

    The Tide has Turned in Texas.
    Come visit,
    Troy and Martha

  9. Followed your link from Ellen’s tea party post! Just wanted to say hello. Love your turtles! We have turtles at our swamp here in southern Georgia. I love to watch them line up on the felled log to sun each day. They line up by size, so cute! We toss bread to them in the water and they all surface, much like fish for their prize!

  10. What a great shot of those little guys!!
    ine is up here and here.

  11. Good collage.
    I’d forgotten about turtles, & I have photo’s too.

  12. Wow what a good set of photos!

  13. These are great Turtle pictures! A wonderful T posting.

  14. they are little cuties.

  15. Those are the cutest.

  16. They are just so cute. Brilliant choice

  17. Great pictures! Those turtles look so cute!

  18. You do not have a shortage of turtles. Nice Post.

  19. Cute creatures and great shots.

    Come and visit my Tree House.

  20. Wonderful photos, they are really cute.

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