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Sky Watch

Posted June 12, 2008 by Lana G! in Clouds, Photo, Photography, Sky Watch Friday!, Travel

52 responses to “Sky Watch Friday

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  1. Nice set of photographs for Sky Watch Friday. I like the collage.

  2. Nice! I see those raindrops on the first one.

  3. It’s nice to look up, and then be up, in those gorgeous clouds. The streaming light in the second one is very pretty.

  4. Thank you for joining in with Sky Watch this week and helping to make it special.

    Tom :O)

  5. Love the collage!
    And each photo is beautiful too:)

    Petunia’s SWF

  6. This is awesome… I really wish I knew how to do these collages and if I did, I probably couldn’t do have as nice…

  7. Magnificoa sequence of photos are all very beautiful

  8. Wonderful shots all of them! Fantastic collage:)

  9. Beautiful collage!

  10. Great collage!!

  11. A wonderful collage of beautiful sky photos! I enjoy visiting your site every week to see your lovely photos.

  12. What a nice collage of the trip up to the sky.

    And over the clouds the sky is always blue…

  13. What a nice collage of the trip up to the sky.

    And over the clouds the sky is always blue…

    Nice weekend to you.

  14. Beautiful pictures! Almost a dreamlike quality to them. The kind of clouds you want to float on.

  15. Lana: Very nice collage for SWF.

  16. Magnificent the sequence of beautiful pictures, with colors and landscapes expactaculares. Congratulations.

  17. Original and beautiful collage.
    Great! 🙂

  18. Very nice and fun too

  19. great catch for SWF! the twinkling sky seemed to be but throbs of one body, timed by a common pulse. Mine’s up too hope you can drop by.

  20. off we go! cool way to display those pretty clouds

  21. Very cool!!

  22. Wonderful photos!

  23. Those are some fantastic photos in that collage! I am glad you are sharing all of them with us.

  24. nice pic

  25. Nice collage of some beautiful sky watch.

  26. These are such wonderful pictures! I love to fly!

  27. Lovely collage!

  28. I like the way you took up us up through the clouds – very cool!

  29. It’s so lovely and serene way up, up there.

  30. wow, what a very impressive sky shots! very beautiful!

    pls check my two entries too here:

  31. Fantastic collage!

    “Louis”, an early riser, caught” San Francisco waking up.

  32. Fantastic collage!

    “Louis”, an early riser, caught San Francisco waking up.

  33. Oh, those are beautiful shots, and so nicely displayed! Great sky watch.

  34. Loving the first one! Great photos!

  35. A wonderful take on the theme. Excellent photos.

  36. I love that upstairs view of the clouds!

  37. Wonderful collage!

  38. Sweet. I tried to get pictures from the plane but was unable to do that.

  39. Great collage of a view of the clouds from above!! Brilliant.

    (Bodge’s Bulletin)

  40. Up, up and away – I couldn’t have put it better myself.

  41. Very nice!

  42. Gorgeous!

  43. nice!

  44. Great shots and collage.

  45. I’d like to be up, up and away! Great collage!!

  46. Nice collage of photos. I really like the colors in the upper right photo.

  47. Those are gorgeous! The one in the upper right corner is my favorite!

  48. Love photos taken from plane windows, tho my own never seem to be very good.

    Neat SWF pictures here!

  49. WOW! Fabulous pictures!

  50. These are fantastic shots – so nice to be up there in the clouds

  51. Terrific collage. I love taking shots from airplanes. Cloud tops amaze me!!!

  52. Abraham Lincoln???

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