Sky Watch Friday   41 comments

Just like me – flying home today!  Have a great weekend everyone!  

For those in the USA – Happy Fourth of July!

For more Sky Watch Friday posts, head on over to Tom’s!

Sky Watch was Dots great idea

Posted July 2, 2008 by Lana G! in Birds, Photo, Photography, Sky Watch Friday!, Summer, Sun, Sunset

41 responses to “Sky Watch Friday

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  1. This is an absolutely wonderful, glorious photo you captured. Beautiful…

  2. Monday night was so much fun enjoying the beautiful sunset and watching Hope! Have a great time at home this weekend and enjoy the 4th!

  3. It is well known that we Portuguese once sailed the seven seas searching for new lands, wealth and adventures.
    We were brave in those days and gave the world new worlds!

    Luckily I don’t have to sail the big oceans on a small ship to sea the wonders of our world …
    No Sir, I just need to check with Mr. Tom, the finest host there is, for a trip around the world with SKY WATCH TOURS and with a click here, a click there I am quickly in the USA, England, Brazil, Italy, China, Australia, Finland … well, everywhere.

    And on each stop I come to see a little marvel of our world under a great sky!
    Hope you can come and see my piece of the sky …

  4. a like the birds along with the sunset! very nice!

  5. That is a gorgeous composition. How nature arranges herself for your portraits.

  6. Just a quick visit to say thank you for joining in with Sky Watch.

    Stunning picture this.. and title

  7. Wow! I love it.

  8. Oh, Lana, this is just gorgeous!

  9. This one was a 100 % picture. Loved it, and I feel I cant get tired of watching it !!

    Nice weekend to you, from Anne in Norway.

  10. You can’t get much better than this shot. Nice work.

  11. Beautiful shot. The colors and the composition are amazing.

  12. What an awesome image!
    Have a safe trip home.

  13. I thought I’d seen beautiful photos but this one….is GREAT!!

  14. Lana: What an awesome capture.

  15. Absolutely my favorite picture this week:)

    Petunia’s SWF

  16. 🙂 beautiful post. Have a great 4th.

  17. Beautiful photo and Happy 4th of July!

  18. Wow! What a gorgeous photo. Perfect!
    Happy 4th of July to you too. 🙂

  19. I love those over the rainbow shots. Pappy

  20. I literally gasped when I saw this. What a spectacular capture! How wonderful our God is.

  21. Absolutely and wonderfully beautiful! Love your title, too.

  22. Stunning shot!

  23. I love the colors, the birds and the water… oh heck… I love it all!

  24. Oh, so very nice. This is an outstanding photo.

  25. Really, really nice photo! Happy 4th of July!

  26. Nice love the birds.

  27. Beautiful! Birds and a sunset! Awesome.

  28. What a great sunset, and the birds are beautiful as a silhouette

  29. You did a very great shot at this! So beautiful!

    My SWF Photo is posted HERE.

    Hope you could drop by as well. Happy weekends!

  30. i love this picture. so real!

    mine is now up too:

    happy Friday!

  31. It’s an extraordinary image! The sun seems to pierce the video! Very beautiful work.

  32. An awesome capture and great composition!

  33. What a beautiful shot!

  34. What a beautiful shot!

  35. Not only a beautiful photo but so appropriate to reflect your own travel plans. Wishing you a great week-end too.

  36. Thought I give this picture a bit more of my time… what a delight sight this must have been.. once in a while when taking pictures I step back and think wow this will go down well when I post it… this would have been on of them times for you I’m sure.
    It goes without say I appreciate the time you spend on your posting. Hope to see you back here again next week.. have a great week keep well and keep safe.

  37. This must be the best sky watch I have seen this week!!!

  38. nice shoot

  39. :0) very nice. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have had a crazy weekend. I really apreciate you support and readership of my place.

  40. 🙂 Good Morning from Mississippi! Hope you have a great week. Keep up the good work here!

  41. :0)

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