Fabulous Goodwill Finds!   8 comments

Went to the Goodwill on Saturday with my sister (a tradition that I wish could happen more often!).  We found some great finds.  I ordinarily do not have good luck in the book department, but this time I found 11 books!  YIKES! I am looking forward to a summer of reading I guess!

The place I like to hang out at when I go to the Goodwill is in the housewares department. I weed through all the dishes to find the hidden treasures.  I was not disappointed this time around! I found this delightful English teapot that I just adore!  I love the shape and the color! My sister found the pretty little teacup and was going to decide against it but I decided to go ahead and get it – at $2.99 I could not resist.

The deep rose colored dishes are also made in England and have different cottage scenes depicted on them. I thought the deviled egg dish was pretty and since I don’t own one I thought it was high time I purchased one!

The tin basket was just too cute to resist and I think it would look good with some plants or for ice at a garden party!  think I did pretty good!  All in all a fabulous day at the Goodwill!

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8 responses to “Fabulous Goodwill Finds!

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  1. Fabulous indeed! I can’t wait to hear what you think of Pilgrim’s Inn! Next party we have I’m assigning Deviled Eggs to you :0)

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  3. Oh you did really well!! I love your books – E Goudge of course and Lm Montgomery – my favourite authors.Perfect summer reading!

  4. Like I told Ellen, you amaze me! I’m headed to Goodwill tomorrow myself, looking for some book treasures too. I hope my thrift is as fortunate as yours.

  5. You and Ellen must have lots of storage space, you two are too funny with your thrift shopping. I’m always trying to get rid of s-tu-ff…I’ll keep you two in mind 🙂

  6. Maybe I have to start dressing and going out more….long time since I have checked out an Op Shop which is what we tend to call them over here.
    Very tempting.

  7. Ok…I seriously LOVE the teapot!!! I told Ellen I want to visit the GW when I’m up next week…

  8. I love that devilled egg dish! That would be a treasure to find seeing you can’t buy those anymore.

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