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  1. Why wouldn’t you sing when you see this His beautiful creation for our pleasure!! Nice Lana!

  2. Such an awesome picture and verse.

  3. Lovely…reminds me of a song :o)


  4. Makes me wish He would give my wisteria a good talking to about doing that for which it was created and to flower. Built a strong frame for it coming out from the shed. Have lost about 3 and after almost 20 years the original one still has not flowered….
    So I sort of sob quietly when I see pictures or drive around in Springtime.

  5. Such a lovely picture and verse! Praise God for the beauties of His creations. Thanks for sharing. Happy WFW!

  6. Gorgeous! As soon as I read your scripture, I’m hearing Darlene Zschech’s voice singing those beautiful words! Thank you for sharing. = )

  7. What a gorgeous photo and the perfect Scripture verse for it!

  8. Perfect WFW. Thanks for sharing this beautiful verse and photo.

  9. beautiful verse and picture. Thanks for sharing

  10. Beautiful image for this verse. It fits so well.

  11. That’s so pretty!!!! Sometimes when I see such beauty like that and realize, THIS is the fallen version of God’s handiwork, I can’t imagine how much awe I will have when I see His new heaven and earth!


  12. That just makes me sing too! ~ Only the God of the Universe can create things like that!

  13. Oh, yes..there is so much to sing about in God’s works! Beautiful picture.

    Happy WFW!

  14. Lana,

    As usual you have such a great photo and verse. Thanks for blessing me!

    May the Lord bless you today and always!

  15. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  16. oh that is so lovely! thanks for blessing us with that today!

  17. Beautiful verse and picture. Happy WFW!

  18. So beautiful! YES!! There have been times when looking at God’s creation makes my very soul sing!!!

  19. I join you in singing for joy at the work of our Lord’s hands, what a beautiful place, I wish I were there! Thanks so much for sharing!


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