Happy Hour with the Happy Wonderer   9 comments

Friday evening, my sister and I went to a nice little wine cafe for happy hour before I went to pick up hubby from the airport.  Happy hour is a great way to have a scrumptious light meal for almost half the price.  The nice part about a light meal, is you can say yes to dessert!  Life is too short to say no to dessert!  

The Happy Wonderer had the lovely scampi fennel salad and I had the hanger steak on a pesto flat bread! Both were delicious. Our dessert was a warm blueberry and peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream – a little something sweet to end the meal!

Lovely meal, lovely fellowship on a gorgeous day in Washington – what more  could you ask for?

How about a gorgeous sunset on Lake Washington…

9 responses to “Happy Hour with the Happy Wonderer

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  1. Oh yum, you captured everything so well! Love it…

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  3. Makes me hungry. For food and fellowship with my sister too. You look great in orange.

  4. All of it looks deee-lish!

  5. Wonderful! The sunset is gorgeous! I haven’t seen Lake Washington for a looonnng time, not since we spent a summer at UW SIL.

  6. What a lovely evening to share with your sister!

  7. What a beautiful sunset!

  8. That sunset is absolutely breathtaking.

  9. Mouth watering is the only thing that springs to mind. Fantastic

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