Yigdal (Magnify) – Jewish Hymn   1 comment

Yigdal (Magnify)



The living God O magnify and bless

Transcending time and here eternally.


One Being, yet unique in unity;

A mystery of Oneness, measureless.


Lo! form or body He has none, and man

No semblance of His holiness can frame.


Before Creation’s dawn He was the same;

The first to be, though never He began.


He is the world’s and every creature’s Lord;

His rule and majesty are manifest,


And through His chosen, glorious sons exprest

In prophecies that through their lips are poured.


Yet never like to Moses rose a seer,

Permitted glimpse behind the veil divine.


This faithful prince of God’s prophetic line

Received the Law of Truth for Israel’s ear.


The Law God gave, He never will amend,

Nor ever by another Law replace.


Our secret things are spread before His face;

In all beginnings He beholds the end.


The saint’s reward He measures to his meed;

The sinner reaps the harvest of his ways.


Messiah He will send at end of days,

And all the faithful to salvation lead.


God will the dead again to life restore

In His abundance of almighty love.


Then blessed be His name all names above,

And let His praise resound forevermore.


(from the Sabbath and Festival Prayer Book)






Posted July 13, 2008 by Lana G! in Clouds, Faith, Hymns, Photo, Photography, Worship

One response to “Yigdal (Magnify) – Jewish Hymn

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  1. And oh that they would recognize Messiah that has come…

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