ABC Wednesday – Z   12 comments

Z is for… Zoology: the animal life of a particular region

Okay, I know I am pushing it with this one this week!

These are the animals I encountered this weekend around my home (region) in Washington: Top row: blue heron, butterfly and turtle.  Second row: bird of some sort,  duck, and robin with a blueberry in his beak.  Third Row: raccoons in my backyard, dragonfly and a shy puppy (Lulu) who refused to look at my camera!

I am so looking forward to the next round of ABC Wednesday!

Now head on over to Mrs. Nesbitt’s for more ABC Wednesday!

12 responses to “ABC Wednesday – Z

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  1. You certainly encounter a lot of animals in your neck of the woods!!
    Great post.
    Bodge’s Bulletin

  2. The most perfect choice for this letter! Very nice pictures too!

  3. That bird probably stole one of my blueberries! I’ve got to be quick to beat them to the ripe ones :0) Love your Seattle Zoo.

  4. Wonderful photos. You did good.

  5. Love your animal photos and the collage.

  6. This is a fun collage. Good work!

  7. this is a great collage, love the racoons and the shy puppy

  8. An interesting set of photos for Zoology

  9. Great selection! Just so typical of ABC Wednesday.we LOOL fo letters throughout the week! LOL! See you next week!

  10. I love the state of Washington and all its natural beauty, Zoology, and – what? – florology? Just make it flora. This is a great post and true to the philosophy of ABC Wednesday with its emphasis of photos from the preceding week – something I will have to forego while my camera is being repaired (estimate: 7 weeks!).

  11. We are blessed in Washington with many beautiful natural views. I love photographing them, too. Stop by and see some of mine.

  12. need your email address for participating in next ABC Wednesday
    Please return to me or Denise

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