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  1. That is a fabulous image for that wonderful verse Lana!!

  2. Lovely! What a neat verse and creative photo!


  3. Such a lovely picture for this precious verse! This is one of my favourite Bible verses. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Amazing photo and verse to accompany it! I love this graphic, well done.

  5. That is incredible and so true! Yes, Father we thirst for You. For only You can satisfy!

  6. Looks great & I love the imagery of the verse! If only I was always thirsty for more of God. A great reminder!

  7. I too am thirsty for his Presence, His rightousness His everything. thank You for a lovely verse and picture.

  8. I love that and the perspective is exquisite!! Great WFW!

  9. Beautiful picture! Goes perfect with a wonderful verse. Excellent choice to bless WFW.

  10. OH Lana, this is beautiful! Perfect verse for the shot!

  11. A great photo and verse! What a blessing!

  12. Such an awesome picture and verse.

  13. Wow.. what a picture image for this scripture!

  14. Hey, I like that one – just right for me as I move deeper down that path of my faith.

    And yes – we can trust that God is our protection and strength and have been sending up prayers of thanks that I (and the driver of the other car) are safe.

  15. I can taste this verse! *W*

  16. Great photo for this verse. That was amazing!

  17. Beautiful image, beautiful verse! Fantastic job.

  18. Love the photo & the verse as well.

  19. How beautiful! I am thirsting for God today, I just love how you put it visually!


  20. I LOVE this…love the verse and I LOVE the image you paired with it…..very cool!!

  21. What a neat verse and photo! Love it.

  22. Awesome verse and photo! I love the pairing of the two! 🙂

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