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A glory is directly opposite the sun and has a bright centre whose light is strongly polarised. These observations tell us that droplets somehow deflect light through angles of around 180º and that at least one internal reflection is involved.  For more information go here

Glory Indeed… This was on a flight from WA to CA – the volcano is Mt. St. Helens by the way…

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Posted July 17, 2008 by Lana G! in Glory, Photo, Photography, Sky Watch Friday!, Travel

33 responses to “Sky Watch

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  1. Interesting – I learn so much from these posts. I would have called it a “round rainbow” left to my own devices.

    I particularly like the lower two – the placing of the mountain and the glory are just right.

  2. a lovely set of pictures but the top right is probably my favourite

  3. Are glories only seen from the air? What makes them different from rainbows? These are the questions I’m going to be googling in a couple of minutes. 😉

  4. Very nice:)

    Petunia’s SWF

  5. Great captures.

    The Team thanks you for your post and making this venture a success.

  6. If you were using a polarizing filter, the patterns could be interference fringes caused by stress in the aircraft window.

  7. Never heard of this phenomenon before. Beautiful photos. Very cool and amazing shots. I love learning new things.

  8. Oh wow these are wonderful i love the rainbow in the clouds

  9. Nice collage! Love the rainbows!

  10. Wow very cool

  11. That’s just amazing! Spectacular… very pretty… you have done such a great job.

  12. Greate Sky Watch post.
    Have a nice weekend, from AnneKa in Norway

  13. Now that is God Art! Unbelievable. Have a great weekend!

  14. Fantastic pictures and great info..

    Thank you for joining the sky watch team on their new venture… I hope you enjoy your sky watching and come back for more.


  15. Glory Indeed! God blesses you with such pretty views, Lana!

  16. Lana: What a great capture and so special.

  17. oh what a cool meme! I might have to try this one when I’m at home! Great pictures Lana! I’m a big fan of aireal (sp?) shots!

  18. Thanks for introducing me to “glory.” These are amazing. Thanks.

  19. Oh, these are so gorgeous! Love them all! Interesting info also about these rainbow spots being known as “glory”. Great post!

  20. I lived in the NW when St. Helens blew her top. Great photos.

  21. Wow, these are WONDERFUL!!

  22. Hello from Colorado. Wonderful pictures.

  23. Amazing shots. Yes! Glory indeed!!!

  24. Those are amazing, beautiful pictures. I had never heard of a Glory before! Thanks for teaching me something!

  25. My skywatch is taken from above today, too. Yours is much nicer.

  26. Interesting to see how vivid the blown out portion of Mt. St. Helens is…
    Hope you are enjoying a great Sky Watch Friday.

    Best regards, Don

  27. You found this little bit of glory right over the top of my homeland! I love the way you put the photo collage together. Happy Sky Watching!

  28. Spectacular!!


  30. Wow, Lana! LOVE This!

    Have a great weekend!

  31. I had never heard the term glory used for this kind of rainbow and I have never seen one like it before either. Thanks for both the photos and the information! How ever did you get these pictures so clearly through a window?
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    My SkyWatch Here

  32. Wow, it’s amazing, before I joined skywatch, I didn’t know what the sky could look like in other places. Those pictures are beautiful!=]

  33. Lana, this is awesome! I had no idea…

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