Hangin’ at the Goodwill   6 comments


My sister Ellen and I and my nieces – Laura and Michelle had a great time at the Goodwill today!  We hunted for buried treasure and were quite successful.  These are just a few of my finds!  It was a linen day for me.  Lots of napkins and place mats.  I also found two sugar dishes made in England, a fun black and white apron, some charger plates and those cute little dotted cups.  

We were then treated to a wonderful build your own BBQ hamburger lunch hosted by my nephews Josh and Dan.  Katie joined us for lunch.  All in all a wonderful day was had by all.   I was reminded again the joy of fellowship with family!  I love you all.

Posted July 19, 2008 by Lana G! in Family, Fellowship, Fun, Photo, Photography, Shopping

6 responses to “Hangin’ at the Goodwill

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  1. Oh my goodness! Look at how beautiful you presented your treasures!! It was a wonderful joy filled time. Thanks for driving :0)
    So which of those sugars matched the pot best?

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  3. Hi Lana, I just came by from Ellen’s blog….your linen finds are beautiful, and it looks like it was a stripes and dots day for you at the Goodwill…

  4. Ellen was right… your treasures rule!

  5. Can’t believe you found all that in one day. Goodwill’s up in the Great Northwest seem to be so much better than the ones around here.

  6. I have never seen so beautiful a blog as this on my favouritest subject……tea! It is tea-rrific! May I copy any teacup pictures or poems??? judy

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