Sabbath Prayer   1 comment

Grant that we lie down in peace,

Secure in Thy protecting love,

And shelter us beneath Thy wings

To keep us safe throughout the night.

On the morrow raise us up

In perfect peace to life, O God,

To face each task with faith in Thee,

Our zeal renewed and strength restored.

Save us for Thine own name’s sake,

And guard us from all lurking foes.

Remove all sorrow, hatred, strife,

And turn Thy children’s hearts to Thee.

Spread Thy tent of peace, O Lord,

Above Jerusalem, we pray,

And shield Thy people, Lord

Dispersed abroad in every land.

Praise be Thou, our Lord and King,

Whose sheltering love spreads over us,

Enfolding all who seek Thy peace,

Who find their hope and strength in Thee. Amen.

~Evening Service – Sabbath and Festivals~

Posted July 25, 2008 by Lana G! in Faith, Photo, Photography, Prayer, Sabbath, Worship

One response to “Sabbath Prayer

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  1. Thank you for sharing.
    It reminds me that I used to write more of my evening prayers than I do these days. Not being able to kneel and spread all ones goodies on the bed in front of you makes it just that much more of a challenge to write.
    Laptop coming maybe??? Vbg.
    May be the first justifiable reason for same.

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