Thursday Dinner – Palamino Bellevue   4 comments

Flew home last night and had a hankering for a steak dinner. So, went to the Palamino restaurant in Bellevue.  Check out the deliciousness…

Yummy steak!  But check out the size of hubbies raviolis!


Posted July 25, 2008 by Lana G! in Dining, Food, Photo, Photography, Restaurant

4 responses to “Thursday Dinner – Palamino Bellevue

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  1. That does it! Dear and I are going there when he gets to Seattle!! Yowzers…

  2. That size would be why he only received two of them! Wow. Those look like folded over eggroll wrappers–in pasta, of course. Any chance they’ll hand out the recipe to inquiring minds?

  3. You kill me…whipping out the camera to record your food.

  4. Both look dulish….and Kelly’s right – I want to see you taking pictures of your food plates 😉 Come to think of it, I did that when I was in Spain with Ry & Chell, some of our food was soooo bizaar looking, I just had to take pictures, and that was before digital!

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