Birthday Tea with Ellen B!   6 comments

My sister Ellen took me to Madam Fifi’s Tea Room for a belated birthday lunch!  Oh my was it a treat!  Madam Fifi is just a delight!  If you find yourself in Bothell, you MUST enjoy a cup of tea at Madam Fifi’s!

We had the Grand Tea for Two and it was grand indeed!  YUMMY!

Madam Fifi also has a bakery with wonderful cookies, scones, brownies and other mouth watering treats!

Of course there is a gift shop at Madam Fifi’s as well!  I bought some teas to take home and enjoy!

Thank you Ellen for introducing me to this wonderful place for tea and thank you Madam Fifi for a delightful birthday lunch!

Madame Fifi’s Tea Room in Bothell

6 responses to “Birthday Tea with Ellen B!

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  1. My pleasure. Your collages are beautiful…

  2. Wow! What a delightful site with gorgeous photos, especially collages. (I’d like to learn how to do it, too.) It sounds like you two had a wonderful time together. (I’m feeling hungry….)

  3. And just who was that heroic person, who with such nobleness, in the interests of a good picture alone………took those nibbles out of the sandwiches.?????

  4. What wonderful collages, my mouth is watering!

  5. Yummy!

  6. Wow Lana! These pictures are amazing. You and Ellen are soooo talented. It was a pleasure meeting you & I hope to see you and Ellen in the Tea Room again. I plan in corporate your photos into my website. Thank you very much for taking them!

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