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Chicago Day Two   5 comments

So, I had an earlier than expected start this morning!  As I was going to bed last night at 10pm, I called the front desk for a 5am wake up call.  I was sleeping soundly when at 2am, I received a phone call from the front desk asking, “was your wake up call for 5am or 8am?”  I was still half asleep so I said, “5am” and hung up.  My proper response should have been, “neither, apparently it is for 2am!”  

Needless to say, it has been a long day! Here are the highlights…

Ted Koppel spoke this morning at our general session:

He was pretty funny and had some great stories to tell.  The rest of day was filled with meetings and breakout sessions.  After the meetings, I took the shuttle bus back to the hotel and decided to do some more exploring and think about what to do about dinner since it was a free night. 

Michigan Avenue is a wonderful place to explore!  I got to see some more great architecture.  These pictures are of the Chicago Water Tower.  I love the contrast of the old and the new!

But, the really fun part was taking pictures of these dresses that were placed along Michigan Avenue!

 Each one had a different description. These were my favorite…

Clever, Clever, Clever! 

I was heading back to the hotel thinking I would just order some room service and call it a night.  But, I looked down this one street and saw a sign for Gino’s East and remembered that Hubby had told me about this place.  It’s known for its Deep Dish Pizza.  Well, when in Chicago one must have deep dish pizza! So I indulged!  OH MY!

And that one piece on my plate is all I could eat!  Delicious!  Truly Legendary!

Now I am going to try to get some uninterrupted sleep. I have decided not to ask for a wake up call.  Instead, I will trust the alarm clock in the room! 🙂 Good night all!

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Anne of Green Gables Quote   4 comments

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