Opening Doors -Day 3   8 comments

Today I would like to invite you to come with me to Rhode Island.  Hubby and I found this very cool lighthouse as we were driving around exploring.  Love the lighthouse, but I was more intrigued by this little building across from the lighthouse. 

This building was the inspiration for a story that I made up for my great nephew about a giant who lived in a tiny tiny house and a tiny little man who lived in a big big house.

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8 responses to “Opening Doors -Day 3

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  1. Wonderful!
    Oh and the giant and the tiny house?

  2. Your story for your great nephew sounds intriguing… and your photos are fabulous!! Very good post!!

  3. The story sounds like great fun. That’s a beautiful lighthouse.

  4. Lovely photos. Lighthouses are so intriguing, aren’t they?

  5. These are great Lana. I love the little weathered red building. Fun times…

  6. HOW coooool! I bet it was a GREAT story too! I used to make up stories for my kids all the time — but I never wrote them down – they were all very impromptu — then when they got older they told me I should WRITE children’s books! I gave it a try… don’tcha know the publisher’s think my stories stink! LOL! It’s okay! The kids loved ’em!

  7. I can just picture it…the little man standing by the lighthouse and the giant cramming himself through the door to the small house. Whimsical!

  8. A door in the lighthouse and the old weathered door on the little building. Just great pictures. I love old doors.

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