Sky Watch   15 comments

Posted September 4, 2008 by Lana G! in Church, Clouds, Photo, Photography, Sky Watch Friday!, Travel

15 responses to “Sky Watch

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  1. Wow, what a blue sky as contrast. Great angle!

  2. How cool that the clouds are framing the steeple and cross like that. I like it…

  3. Hey! The clouds made way for the steeple. Very cool! Happy Sky Watch!

  4. wonderful photo

  5. Blue and white is a fantastic combination.

  6. Perfect catch for sky watch! Clouds fill the skies above us and they are always part of our every day lives… Mine’s up too hope you can drop dy!

  7. Impressive spire. It is well contrasted with the sky. Nice shot.

  8. A very nice combination, nice swf.

  9. what a beautiful sky, nice color and perfect capture…

  10. Wow! Great shot.

  11. It is composed so nicly agianst that lovely blue sky

  12. Lovely photo and great skywatch friday.

  13. Excellent photo. The steeple points to the beautiful sky.

  14. Very good shot of your sky…..

  15. Oh, I LOVE this picture! I take pictures of our steeple often and play with them on my photo program. There is just something special about a steeple with a beautiful sky background.

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