Bellevue Downtown Park   3 comments

While waiting for my glasses to have the lenses changed, I decided to check out the Bellevue Downtown Park.  What a great park right in the middle of downtown Bellevue, Washington.  It is such a peaceful place in the middle of very busy metropolitan city.  Here are some shots from exploring the park today…

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday!

Posted September 6, 2008 by Lana G! in Exploring WA, Photo, Photography, Saturday, Walking, Washington

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3 responses to “Bellevue Downtown Park

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  1. Fun collage Lana. I like the people sitting on the benches…
    Look at how sunny and nice the Eastside skies are!!

  2. What a coincidence. As I was scrolling through your blog, I picked up the printout I had made of the first day route of the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk next week. Lunch is in this park on Friday.

  3. Nice collage, we’ve had some great weather to enjoy the park lately!

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