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It’s Friday and that means it’s time for Friday’s Fave Five!


1.  Discovering the Back Porch shop in Seal Beach

2.  Having tea by myself at a tea shop.

3.  Taking a walk on the beach

4.  Going to Zov’s Bistro with hubby and my Brother-in-law and sister.

5.  Going to Roy’s for Michelle, my niece’s birthday.

Head on over to Living to Tell the Story for more Friday’s Fave Five!

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7 responses to “Fave Five

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  1. Love it. Look at that little hat! Ok tonight for sure Dear is going to download picasa 3 for me!!

  2. LOL. Love the solitare tea party! You and Ellen talk so much about tea shops I’ve really got to go try one out. To my knowledge there is only one here in town.

    Love the pictures with your fave five. As usual, it was fun reading them!

  3. Oh my, what is that #4? What a lovely photo for fall 🙂

  4. Love the pictures! What a fun twist on fave 5.

  5. Thanks for sharing your five favs! I enjoyed ‘seeing’ your week!

  6. You are able to make a week look pretty! Looks like you had a good one.

  7. Thanks for making my birthday super special (and surprising! 🙂

    Love you tons!!!

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