Blue Monday – China   12 comments

Happy Blue Monday! This is my china pattern atop a funky blue charger!

Now head on over to Smiling Sally’s for more Blue Monday Posts!

Posted September 22, 2008 by Lana G! in Blue Monday, Photo, Photography, Table Decorating

12 responses to “Blue Monday – China

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  1. The border on the bottom plate really sets off the beauty of the top plate. Happy Blue Monday!

  2. I love your china and the blue charger is just perfect for it !
    Thanks for sharing….

  3. I love both the china and the charger. The different shades of blue work really well together!
    I’ve been looking for you all over blog land; thanks for the suggestion of the Gorillapod! It’s going to work great, I know!

  4. What a pleasing combination you have created for Blue Monday. Take care.

  5. Funky? Ha! Love the shadows and the delicate pattern on your china :0)

  6. That is a lovely combo! Thanks for sharing it with us today. Stop by later if you can- I am announcing a giveaway today! Happy Blue Monday to you!

  7. Beautiful! They go well together.

  8. Love the lighting in this photo.

  9. I love the contrast of the two plates together. Very pretty and perfect for Blue Monday!
    Love, Ann

  10. Your table setting is lovely. Thank you for sharing!

  11. I have never seen a charger like that. So beautiful! You have a lovely china pattern. Happy Blue Monday!

  12. Happy Blue Monday! That is a pretty blue combination.. thanks for sharing..

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