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  1. Hi Lana, great visual to this precious verse! Thank God that He satisfies us! I can almost smell and taste this lovely cup of coffee 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us. Take care and happy WFW!

  2. Amen! Very beautiful…and so true!

    Have a blessed Wednesday!

  3. Lovely truth, lovely drink and lovely photography…again serious lust over that camera.
    I used to snort when people admired my photos and asked what camera did I have but oh boy can you not tell the difference between a very good small digital and a very good SLR digital. I must start doing my research and must give up my Minolta fixation.

  4. Love the picture & the verse – good combo!


    Awesome picture and verse!


  6. Lana,

    Beautiful truth to this verse and a very nice picture to go with it! Ahhhh the aroma!

    Blessings to you today!

  7. so very true….. and praise him for it.

  8. That is a great visual to go with that verse. God is good.
    Enjoying your photography skillage :0)

  9. Lana, as I sit waiting for my morning coffee to brew, your photo and verse are especially appropriate. I praise God that He satisfies above and beyond our human needs, my soul is satisfied!

  10. Amen! And on that note, I have decided on a second cup of coffee! You talked me into it. LOL! Happy WFW!

  11. Sitting here with a cup of coffee and when I saw your verse, talk about “food for thought”! Excellent verse and love the use of it!!

  12. Hi, Lana! Love this verse and so thankful that God does take care of our hunger!

    Happy WFW!

  13. Great verse and lovely photo!

  14. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this one is one of my favorites! great job! 🙂

  15. The Lord does provide good things, and it’s so wonderful to praise him for even the small, but wonderful treats he provides us in life 🙂 What’s great though is that this verse could speak of those little treats or of Christ himself filling us. This verse and picture put a smile on my face, thanks 🙂

  16. Love this…neat verse and photo. Hope you have a wonderful WFW.


  17. Lana, I have your blog as one I’m following so I can see when you update your site when I’m working on mine. Your picture was sooooo great that I got inspired to post my own based on a newsletter article I just submitted (and posted to my blog this morning).

    Now I’m headed to the coffee maker for a nice steaming cup o’joe with a drizzle of Mint Chocolate Truffle creamer and a dollop of Readi Whip…then hope I can sneak a couple minutes in the sunroom with Oswald Chambers for my devotions (while the 3-yr-old grandson watches a Veggie Tales video).

  18. I had not read that verse before. How completely appropriate to my life right now! And I love the visual!

  19. Perfect picture! Thank God that He truly satisfies.

  20. Fantastic, thoughtful pairing! great verse! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Isn’t that so true!

    Thanks for sharingt!


  22. I love the angle of your shot!!

    Our God is faithful!!

  23. Great shot and love the verse you put with it!

  24. How thankful I am for how my Lord satisfies my hunger and thirst! No one and nothing in this world can satisfy like our Savior! I love your illustration! And thanks for stopping by my blog!


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